Banner – Mesh

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The best option for maximum wind reduction and reduced stress on chain link fences is Banner Mesh™.  Tiny holes in the material allow airflow while still displaying a great looking digital image that is crisp and sharp.  Banner Mesh™ is also very lightweight compared to standard vinyl banners.  We use Banner Mesh™ on many of the jobs we produce for ESPN as well as many SEC and NCAA events.

Common Applications:

  • Stadium fence wraps
  • Tennis court screens
  • Construction fences
  • Concert Backdrops
  • Tradeshow booth backdrops
  • Building wraps
  • Storefront Banners


  • Wind stress reduction
  • Lightweight
  • Bright crisp images
  • Custom sizes to your design specifications
  • Cost efficient

Hardware & Options:

  • Webbing along edges
  • Rope
  • Pole Pockets
  • Hook and loop
  • Ground spikes
  • Zip ties

Special care and maintenance:

  • Banner must be secured on all sides or wind damage can occur to material over time.
  • The amount of edge and corner reinforcement required should be considered when deciding on the edge finishing.  The stronger the edges, the less likely a grommet will pull out before damage may occur to the fence.
  • The best storage method is to wrap the banner around the outside of a cardboard tube, image side out.